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Layering Shapewear with Clothing

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Rabu, Desember 13, 2023

The key to having a flawless look doesn’t only rely on the clothes you choose but also a lot in the art of layering. Also, we see how shapewear has become a tool that is essential for many, offering a way that is seamless to smooth out lines, enhance curves, and boost confidence. 

Mastering the art of layering wholesale fajas with your clothing can help you take your style to a new height. Why? Because it will ensure that you have a put-together and polished look. We want to share some of our best tips to help you integrate seamlessly shapewear into your wardrobe, enhancing your confidence and comfort.

Choosing the right shapewear

This is the first step to follow if you want to master the art of layering shapewear selecting the right pieces for your outfits and most importantly for your body type. Different garments will cater to different areas of the body, this is why it’s important to consider what areas you want to target and the level of control you want. 

Coordinate your colors

You should look for options that come in colors that are neutral and closely match the color of your skin or the color of your clothing. This will ensure that the shapewear remains discreet but it also blends seamlessly with your outfit. For example, if you choose clothing that is light colored, then you should opt for either light-toned or nude shapewear, and if you choose darker clothes, deep-toned or black should be your choice.

Investing in seamless options

A game changer when it comes to layering is seamless wholesale shapewear. Having no visible lines ensures that you get a smooth silhouette, and it will also prevent any bulges or lines from showing through the clothes. 

The silhouette of your outfit should be considered

Always remember that the type of shapewear you choose should always complement your outfit and its silhouette. For example, if you choose a bodycon dress, the best option is a full bodysuit or a shaping slip that will streamline your curves. 

You could also wear high-waisted briefs or even shorts if you choose to wear pants or high-waisted skirts. When you consider the shape of your outfits you then can strategically choose the shapewear that will enhance your figure without having to compromise your style at all. 

Don’t forget is important to layer with control 

It’s crucial to strike a great balance between control and comfort when layering your clothes with your shapewear. Don’t wear multiple layers of compression garments, because it can give you not only an unnatural appearance but also cause discomfort.  Choose pieces that target specific areas and provide the right support without feeling restrictive. 


Put thought into accessorizing

When it comes to completing a look, everyone knows that accessories do play a crucial role, and they play an even bigger role when you are layering shapewear. If you choose a great belt, a statement necklace, or even a scarf that is stylish, they will divert the attention and also add some flair to your ensemble. This will draw the eyes away from shapewear. Experiment with different accessories so you find the perfect balance for your overall look and outfit. 

Experimenting with fabrics

You should consider experimenting with fabrics, not only with the fabrics of your clothing but also your shapewear, so you make sure they are working harmoniously.  For example, if your clothing is made of clingy or thin fabrics, it’s ideal to choose shapewear that is smooth and lightweight. When the fabrics are more structured, then shapewear with sturdier fabrics is the right option. Always experiment and play around with different textures, so you can achieve a more cohesive and polished appearance. 

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